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2018, 15. March

Appetize.dk - Plai will launch a "pay as you play" solution for video games.

2018, 24. January

Version2.dk - Danish pay-as-you-play gaming platform on the way: "We can be among the biggest".

2018, 24. January

Itwatch.dk - Danish gaming platform will conquer the market with pay-as-you-play solution.

2017, 20. December

Innovation Fund Denmark - Startup ready with new business model for online games.

2017, 14. July

The Danish Foundation for Enterpreneurship - Business and gaming in Los Angeles - Lessons learned.

2017, 16. May

Next Nord - Northern Jutland game idea must be tested in the United States.

2017, 16. May

Nordjyske - Three young northeners behind a new game concept.

2016, 22. September

Trendsonline.dk - Self-employed occupy University College North Jutland.