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First time participating in the Reddit Secret Santa!

07. December 2018

We could not have got a better present for our first time participating in the Reddit Secret Santa! For all of you who don't know Reddit Secret Santa is an annual exchange of gifts. We made a unboxing ...


Be creative with Youropa

04. December 2018

We are so excited! Not only because Christmas is around the corner and we are looking forward to 2019. Plai is getting a new game on the platform! What are we talking about? Youropa from Frecle! W ...


Petroglyph Games will remaster the first C&C games

27. November 2018

This news is bringing back memories and the child in me is screaming with joy! I remember playing these awesome games some years back… oh, the golden times! Command & Conquer: Tiberian Dawn and ...


October Games Spotlight

03. October 2018

Plai – Pay as you Play is getting more and more games and with that, more and more gamers. And some of the games on our platform are getting played more often. With that, we started a new blog post ...


Plai at Gamescom 2018

05. September 2018

About Gamescom 2018 Gamescom had its 10th edition this year and we were there! We’ve been busy lately: Game Scope - three weeks ago and Gamescom - two weeks ago. Just so you can get an idea of ...