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October Games Spotlight

October 3, 2018 7:01 pm

Plai – Pay as you Play is getting more and more games and with that, more and more gamers. And some of the games on our platform are getting played more often. With that, we started a new blog post series presenting the games on our platform! From now on, Every first week of the month there will be a blog post on 5 games people like on our platform! Here are our picks for this month.

Mini Metro


This is a game about designing a subway layout of a fast-growing city. You start off by having 3 stations and the goal is to keep the flow of commuters without overcrowding the stations. As the game progresses, more stations will open and more commuters will want to use the subway to travel from one station to another. Every week you get some resources like engines, bridges or carriages. Use them wisely. As the city grows and more stations appear, more commuters will crowd the subway so redesigning the lines would be our best tip for an ongoing subway layout.

In the game, there are twelve real-world cities that have a need for a subway layout: London, New York City, Paris, Berlin, Melbourne, Hong Kong, Osaka, Saint Petersburg, Montreal, Sao Paulo, Cairo, and Auckland. Every city has its own speed, obstacles (for example rivers) and a completely new set of colors for the lines.  As each city is different, the strategy you use for London might not be suitable for Berlin.


The game has three modes:

Normal – for quick scored games

Endless – for sandbox play with no stress

Extreme – for the extreme challenge.

All in all, Mini Metro is both a fun and exciting and also a relaxing game to play.

You can try it on Plai for €2.5/hour until you reach the retail price of $9.99. After that, the game is yours!




When you hear ‘typing games’ you think about those kinds of games that help kids learn how to type. Well, this is way, way different than that! An adventure game enhanced with a great story and awesome and relaxing sounds. The adventure literally unfolds before you while you progress in the game. You control a great 3 tailed fox in a unique fantasy world. As the story progresses, the fox gains different skills like burning, freezing or lightning. Use these skills whenever suitable to unlock the puzzle that will open new adventures. There are also enemies that need to be defeated by typing different words. In this world, each word has its meaning and can influence how the story will develop. Everything is keyboard controlled and the player can switch between defensive and offensive mode whenever it is needed. When monsters come towards you, you switch the keyboard to ‘typing mode’ and you have to defeat your enemies.


You can try it on Plai for €3/hour until you reach the retail price. After that, the game is yours.


Evoland 2


Evoland 2 brings a new perspective to the table. As the game progresses, you break the spacetime continuum and land in a different time and with this, the graphics change with you: from pixel-art to 3D graphics. The gameplay changes as you move through the timeline as well and your actions can also influence it. You meet different characters, each with its own background and the ambitions. Some of them, the helpers, can give you special abilities like freeze the river so you can get on the other side or special attacks.

Evoland 2 is an adventure RPG game that will take you back and forth through time and different gameplay styles and also completely different graphics so it’s very hard to get bored.


Play Evoland 2 on Plai for only €2/hour until you reach the retail price. After that, the game is yours.


Pang Adventures


This game was part of a beloved collection of arcade video games from the early 90s. It got remastered and new features were added to the gameplay, but the original spirit of the series was kept.

Here, you have to guide two brothers around the world on the great quest of saving the world from an immense alien invasion. Use your skills to destroy the balls bouncing around different cities as you progress through more than 100 levels.

Almost every level comes with a new type of weapon that will help you destroy the balls and sometimes the bosses that are ready to overrule the world.


There are 3 different ball-popping modes:

-Tour mode – where you progress through the story and fight the aliens one location at a time

– Score attack – the real arcade experience where you only get 3 lives and no continues.

-Panic mode – 99 levels of continuous battle against the falling balls.

Play Pang Adventures on Plai for €3/hour until you reach the retail price. After that, the game is yours.




Furi is the odd one in this list. It’s a fast-paced, ultra-responding sword-fighting and dual-stick shooting game. You play as a character who got captured and in order to escape from prison, he needs to kill the jailer. Whenever you think you defeated the guardian, another one awaits to stop you from escaping.

Throughout the game, there are many surprises and different puzzles that need solving in order to move on. It’s a fun game to play and if you get to the end of the story, you get two choices. Each of them offering a different ending to the game. But that’s not all. We don’t want to spoil it, play it and you’ll find out!


The game is available on Plai for only €2/hour until you reach the retail price. As always, after that, the game is yours!

Excited about this list? Want to know more? Get on Plai and try all the games available and keep an eye on our Facebook page to find out whenever we add more!